BTFS Karnataka

The Background The Background

Biotechnology Finishing Schools (BTFS) is an initiative of the Karnataka government in association with the Vision Group, ABLE and Industry representatives has developed a mechanism to provide employment opportunities in Biotechnology. The Government of Karnataka has initiated establishment of finishing schools across the state. Twelve BT Finishing Schools (BTFS) have been established in Karnataka with appropriate course content and duration to equip graduates and post-graduates with necessary employable skills and to make them industry ready.

Challenge Challenge

The KBAT Aptitude Test 2012 will be conducted online wherein students across India can give the exams from their place. Students were supposed to register inline in the site after paying the registration fees. The exam will consist of 100 questions selected randomly from a pool of 3600 questions. The 100 questions were supposed to be fetched from 12 different categories with number of questions specified for each category. One student can give the exam only once. Answer options too should come on a random basis.

Solution solution

AmkaysWeb developed a solution which was feature rich

  1. The student can view the questions only after he logs in with his user name and password.
  2. Questions were randomly fetched from the pool of 3600 questions
  3. Answer options were randomly arranged
  4. Count down timer was shown to keep track of elapsed time
  5. Only one question was displayed on the screen at a time
  6. Option to skip the questions
  7. Negative marking for wrong answer
  8. AJAX used so that the time taken to fetch the questions form server was not taken into account irrespective of the internet speed.
  9. Feature rich admin panel to access student data for questions attempted, time taken, individual scores and many more
Results result

The entire KBAT team is satisfied with the execution of online exam. The exam went flawless and results announced. The support provided by team Amkays during the assessment was highly appreciated by the KBAT team and the students as well.