Indian Bank Notes

The Background The Background

Mr. Rezwan Razack has the best collection of Indian Paper Money in the world. Apart from collecting paper money he is also doing research on the subject. He wanted to share the valuable information through a book and constantly update new information and research through a website.

Challenge Challenge

The book was selected to be titled “The Revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money” following the information and layout style from its first edition released in 2000. But during the course of designing the book the authors decided to show the watermarks, security features and other information in an illustrative way. The biggest challenge was tracing the watermarks and security features which were never shown in any book; as such no reference was available either as illustration or description.

Solution solution

AmkaysWeb really partnered the project and extend the best services and resources available in the team. Team Amkays offered

  1. To trace/illustrate the watermarks from all the notes dating back to 1806 to present series of notes.
  2. To capture the security features from the notes and illustrate or trace them
  3. Cover and filler pages for chapters
  4. Designing the content of the book

For the website we offered a content management system developed in Joomla wherein the visitors can

  • Register in the website to offer notes for exchange/sell
  • Subscribe for newsletters
  • Upload their research articles
  • View demo of the book as a flip book
  • Book their copy of the book online
Results result

The book with loads of information and each and every feature of the banknotes depicted by illustrations is now called The Bible of Indian Paper Money and auction houses across the world are using it for reference and listing the note types.

Upon the launch of website –, the frequency of online orders for the book increased. The community of numismatists have highly praised the website for its layout, user experience, features and functionality. Sanjay Mittal, co-founder of AmkaysWeb, has been awarded membership to the board and advisory team of for his proactive support in designing the book and website.