Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a process of making your website appear on the search engines when your customers are looking for your products or services. This may sound like a simple task but if you have some knowledge of SEO then you know it’s not as simple as ‘adding more keywords’ to your website.

Many companies have made the mistake of targeting just one or two broad search terms (i.e. internet marketing) for their website and they failed to succeed, even after spending thousands of pounds and months of hard work. Why? Because they are going after the No.1 spot for search terms that are way too broad and extremely competitive.

Effective search engine marketing is about getting highly targeted visitors (buyers) to your website.

Search engine marketing is a time consuming process that could take from one to three months before the results will be noticeable. But the wait is well worth it, because you will be enjoying the free traffic from the search engines.

How do we work?

We follow the search engines’ guidelines and give them what they want in ‘natural’ ways. We focus on getting you the long term results, which is why we always use quality content and proven methods.

Our methods have worked for us over and over again, and they will work for any type of websites. We are constantly improving them to ensure our clients are getting the maximum benefit from their investment.

Our search engine marketing service consist of the following activities:

Keyword and competition analysis

We will use a number of different keyword research tools find a wide range of popular and targeted search phrases that are relate to your business. After we have collected a huge list of search phrases we will divide them into groups and analyses the competitiveness and effectiveness of them. We will analyse your competitors’ website to see how they have achieved their positions, and with this information, we will know what we need to do to get your website above them.

Article marketing

We will write and submit articles to over hundreds of article directories. These articles will be written specifically for you and will only be used once to avoid penalties from search engines like Google. Each article will contain two links that points back to your website. You will not only get the benefit of SEO, but also the ‘direct clicks’ from the articles.

Web directory submission

We will submit your website to web directories like Dmoz, Yahoo Directory, and Best of the Web. By having a link on these authority web directories will give your website a boost in search engine rankings. If your website is new, it will be found and indexed within days.

Blog management

If you don’t have a blog yet we can create one for you. If you do have one, we can maintain and promote it for you. If one isn’t enough for you, we can create and manage multiple blogs for you. Because each one will link back to your website, therefore the more blogs you have, the sooner you will be on the first page of Google.

Link building and management

We have the resources to get you links from related and established websites and these are the best type of links according to Google’s guideline. One of these links will be more powerful than hundreds of spammed links from auto-generated websites. We recommend between 50 to 80 links per month depending on the age and the backlink history of your website.

Social media marketing

Websites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are not just for kids; they are for business owners too. We will use the ‘authority power’ of social media websites to increase your website’s ranking position quickly and steadily. In addition to the SEO benefit, you will also get the benefit of people coming directly from these ‘busy’ websites.

Some websites will require more work than the others to achieve good results because their competitors are more SEO-savvy than the others; which is why we need to do the keyword and competition analysis to find out how much work will be required to get your website above them.

We will work with you to develop a bespoke strategy and campaign based on your budgets and business goals, and then we will use our expertise can help you exceed your goals.

To discuss your search engine optimisation requirements or to get a free website analysis please call us on +91 99804 14695 or submit your requirement to us.

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