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Experienced website design and development team for regular maintenance of your website

The needs of a business are ever-changing and so is the company’s website required to respond to changes according to the needs of the business and its customers. To assist you in maintaining your online presence, we offer several options for website maintenance. Our website maintenance service offers the ideal solution for businesses to support the task of day to day maintenance of their website.

A web design company with focus on building long term relationship with clients

Our website maintenance service includes strategic consulting, regular website updates, web & email hosting, on-going search engine optimisation as well as development of new features on your website. Our support agreements offer a cost effective alternative to maintaining in-house IT expertise.

Our web maintenance packages start from $15 per month which result in huge savings for our regular clients.

Why AmkaysWeb for website maintenance

  • Team of designers and developers Website design and development are the core services of AmkaysWeb as such our designers and developers are more exposed to web development. Having an AMC with us helps you save the cost of hiring full-time web designers and developers providing the services of both in our website annual maintenance contract (AMC).
  • Software and updates Having an agency to maintain your website helps you save the cost of required software and updates
  • Training and Skillsets Web is dynamic and the skills are to be updated to keep track with the latest web standards. We at AmkaysWeb focus on keeping our team well versed with the latest technologies and web standards. Thus having a company for website maintenance services saves the cost, time and effort to train the in-house designer/developer with the trends every time.
  • Designing and Programming skills Website maintenance involves changes in both design and functionality of the website which needs a team of a designer and web developer. Having a website AMC helps provide you an experienced team of web designers and developers to work on your website at a fraction of the cost of hiring them.
  • Focus on Business We at AmkaysWeb provide you a personal manager for your website updates, who understands your site structure and nature of updates making the process of website maintenance smoother and in turn you can focus on your business instead of chasing for website updates or trying to make the person understand the updates.
  • Convenient and cost-effective Quick turnaround time, friendly and experienced team, customizable maintenance packages are the core of our client centered website maintenance packages and features ensuring website maintenance is convenient and cost effective to our clients.

Web update services summary

Website maintenance services include:

  • Addition and amendment of HTML code and images to existing and new web pages
  • Addition and amendment of new pages and sections to existing website
  • Adding and removing pages
  • Updating content
  • Product updates
  • Addition or updates in News, announcements, offers
  • Adding hyperlinks to other websites and email addresses
  • Checking for and fixing broken links
  • Improving code (adding styles into separate style sheets, CSS)
  • PDF and JPEG file creation and uploading
  • Adding or updating slideshows
  • Monthly backup of the website including webpages, database and email
  • Integrating Google analytics code to track the website traffic and visitor behavior

Website Maintenance Process

We have summarized the major steps involved in the process of choosing the right website AMC package to how the website updates are carried out, to have an overview of the process Click Here

Content Management System website maintenance

Our maintenance services extends for websites based on CMS platforms, currently we provide

Joomla Website Maintenance Services
WordPress Website Maintenance Services

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